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Session 153 - Poster Session

Monday 27 August 2018

Description: Poster Presentations

  1. ABU, Ahmed Adamu and OSUCHUKWU, Ngozi Perpetua Changing the face of school libraries for equitable quality learning
  2. AHAMAD, Firdausiah and SAMIN, Mohd Hizam Library engagement with community
  3. BOSTRÖM, Charlotta and ALEXIUSSON, Maria Makerspace at the library
  4. YILMAZ, Erol Sing a folk song for public libraries
  5. MARCOS, Amada IE Library. Borrow & Return Smart Station. DIY
  6. GLIŠOVIĆ, Jelena and MILUTINOVIĆ, Ana New programme – new audience, a step towards a new perception in a society (Recognize and map heritage: cultural orienteering on the plateau)
  7. SSEBULIME, Joseph Balikuddembe, VAN DEVENTER, Martie and PIENNAR, Heila The role Academic Libraries could play in sensitizing researchers about research data management: a case of Makerere University Library
  8. KHOSRAVI, Abdolrasoul and MORADI, Fatemeh Considering the compliance scale of available resources with people information needs in reading stations in Bushehr Municipality in 2016
  9. YOON, Young Ah Chaeknarae service project – Free book delivery service for the disabled
  10. LANGENKAMP, Karin, RÖDEL, Bodo, TAUFENBACH, Kerstin and WEILAND, Meike Research project “Open Access in vocational education and training research”
  11. ZAINUDIN, Mohd Azizi and ABGHONI, Nurulaidal Binti Islamic literacy camp
  12. MIHOLIČ, Petruša Slovenian National Strategy of Open Access and Its Impact on Scientific Publishing of Primorska University Researchers’
  13. TROJOK, Antonia and HAUKE, Petra Transform libraries – transform societies: Go green
  14. WATKINS, Trevor Black Squirrel GNU/Linux: The Worlds first operating system designed for libraries, museums, and archives
  15. SCHEFFLER, Benjamin Libraries for Children and Young Adults in Germany
  16. BODESHEIM, Michaela Improving skills for the protection of printed heritage
  17. DHYRBYE, Lotte Hviid Media Landscape/Childrens Reading Habits in a Digitized World
  18. KORALAGE, Hasitha Priyashantha and LEKAMGE, Upul Use of Supplementary Reading Materials to Reduce spelling errors among Sri Lankan Second Language Learners: with reference to grade six students of Sri Shylanthayathana Sunday School of Habarakada, Sri Lanka
  19. SHEN, Show-Ru and HSIEH, Shu-Ya Storytelling without borders – Explore the World through picture books
  20. OCHEANĂ, Alina-Valentina CORAI - Counseling, Orientation, Responsibility through an Informative Approach - New Services for the Local Community in the Romanian Public Libraries
  21. TRETTHAHN, Susanne The Austrian Library Association‘s International Program for Volunteer Librarians – Traveling with a mobile library
  22. PASYAR, Parisa and AKBARI, Alireza Earrings for Reading: Podcasts of Iranian Children’s National Library
  23. NIKNIA, Massoomeh Towards sharing Persian Name Authority Data in the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)
  24. ZHANG, Jiangshun and XIAO, Kaiyin Everyone can be a maker – the Maker Contest at the Guangzhou Library
  25. AU, Weng Ian (Anna) Fostering Young Adult Readers: An Experience of Macau Academic Library Alliance
  26. NYAKUNDI, James Nyambane Proposed Role of Libraries in Information Access: Case of Kenya
  27. PARK, Hyo Jin Atypical, Ideal Future Library: CJ Creative Library @Korea University
  28. MANUELL, Romany The role of academic librarians in education and training: A timeline of attitude transformation
  29. SWIATEK, Cécile and PERRIN, Charlene A French national network launched by its 2018 annual conference : Information Literacy Skills Developers and Trainers
  30. PALMA PEÑA, Juan Miguel Right of open access: proposal for action to support the transformation of societies
  31. SAWANT, Sarika Role of NGOs in library development in India
  32. HUANG, Michael Bailou and LIU, Hongxia Transformation of Academic Library Services in China: Current Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
  33. SHIBAEVA, Ekaterina A. The Russian State Library International Cooperation and Communication Program for Library Professionals
  34. TSENG, Shu-Hsien, LEE, Yi-Rong, CHENG, Ching-Ju, CHIU, Chao-min and CHEN, Li-ling Taiwan Memory - Showcase the transformation of digital services over a decade
  35. TSENG, Lingli and WU, Chingfan QuickGET Intelligent Library System: The Innovative Ideas for the Staff-less Libraries
  36. MATUSIAK, Krystyna K., ASSEFA, Shimelis, BONGIOVANNI, Emily and NAUMOV, Angela Immigrant information seeking behavior in everyday life: Photovoice study
  37. PARKER-LEAVY, Susan Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Library, Doha, Qatar – Outreach and increasing visitors to our library
  38. VANDERBOLL, Kathryn Hybrid Information Literacy Instruction: An Experiment in Blended Learning
  39. CHAN, Peter, SCHNEIDER, Josh and EDWARDS, Glynn Computational analysis, browsing, screening, and access for email
  40. HAMILTON, Angela Where are you going, where have you been?: Foundational academic skills for undergraduate students
  41. DI TILLIO, Corrado IFLA Metropolitan Libraries Short Film Award
  42. KELLAM, Lynda Preserving Electronic Government Information in the United States
  43. AKILLI, Sinan, AL, Umut, DOĞAN, Güleda and TAŞKIN, Zehra So much depends upon a red wheelbarrow
  44. RUDASILL, Lynne M. Engaging the Classroom – Google Forms and Library Guides
  45. ABDOLLAHI, Masumeh, ABDOLREZA, Norouzi Chakoli and ASNAFI, Amir Reza A local experience for study promotion: “Study Stations” in Tehran, Iran
  46. SHEN, Tung-mei and HORNG, Shih-chang The Strategies for facilitating environmental sustainability of a green library-Taipei experience
  47. TINARAT, Sirirat and SANDER, Gabriele Goethe-Institut one company, one corporate design, three different examples how to approach library and customer’s needs
  48. CHITALE, Jyoti Enhancing readership of books from library to build better society
  49. TSUNODA, Hiroyuki, SUN, Yuan, NISHIZAWA, Masaki and LIU, Xiaomin Current status of open science in Japan and China: Policy, research data repository and management
  50. BUENROSTRO, Iyra S. ‘Unframing’ Photographic Histories: Stories and Context Beyond the Visuals
  51. MASKULIŪNAS, Bronius A Mobile Laboratory: Bringing ICT education to young individuals with special needs
  52. MOHD ARSAD, Wirda Lisa Library to you on car free day
  53. OLLANKETO, Anne and VESALA, Anne Oulu City Library reading diplomas
  54. SAGÀS, Jimena A Critical Development of International and Comparative Librarianship Theory
  55. KORNALIUS, Karen UNIMAS IR – Repository, Visibility and Excellence
  56. LIU, Sijia, ZHANG, Jiangshun, WANG, Changqing and WANG, Rong Cantonese Corner - let migrants organically grow with the city in Guangzhou Library
  57. WRAAE FOLTING POULSEN, Finn and SKOV ANDREASEN, Kent Bookeaters Magazine - Connecting Libraries, Bookbloggers, Readers and Publishers
  58. GOH, Wei Haan Transforming students’ lives
  59. GUPTA, Aditi, RAWORTH, Rebecca and KUMBAR, T.S. Exploring the effectiveness of information literacy programs on Canadian and Indian science and technology graduate students: A global context
  60. MOHAMED IDRIS, Mohamed Aizammuddy, SARIJAN, Suhaimi, CHE' MAN, Nurul Hidayah, MUSTAFA, Muhammad Fahmi Azri and HONG, Chia Ling Let’s Read Together For 10 Minutes with Welfare Recipients @ Development Committee & Coordination of the Legislative Assembly (JAPERUN) of Melaka
  61. JIANG, Yi-Tai and SHEU, Feng-Ru Library space morphs to learning space: detailing key trends, techniques, and technologies of this transformation
  62. CHENG, Michael LibCompass Wayfinding App - Experience Sharing from the Library of City University of Hong Kong
  63. MBAMBO-THATA, Buhle and APPIAH, Doreen INELI-SSAf – “Bringing innovative libraries to Africa!“
  64. TANAKA, Asami and TANAKA, Anri Wa-Kosho! Learn and Discover by seeing, touching, and feeling
  65. LANDOY, Ane, GHINCULOV, Silvia, REPANOVICI, Angela and CHERADI, Natalia Long term development trends – analysis of strategic objectives in Moldova university libraries
  66. LEE, Katherina, BASCO, Buenaventura, HICKOK, John, HUANG, Michael Bailou and MANNION MACKENZIE, Caitlin Transform, Think Outside the Box, Connect, Collaborate: East/Southeast & Pacific Asia Libraries with US libraries
  67. ALOUI, Imen Digital repositories in Academic Libraries goals, advantages and requirements
  68. MD ISHAK, Mohamad Syahrul Nizam, SANIMAN, Norzilamazni, KEMAT, Mohd Fadzil, HUSSAIN, Nur Hafizah and MOHD NOR, Norhalim IMU Library App for Android users-reaching the Gen Y from a click at the fingertips
  69. TORRENS, Antoine, SANZ, Pascal and VUKSAN, Vesna How To Organize A New Librarians Event
  70. MJÖBERG, Anette and CLAESSON, Lo New ways to attract
  71. KE, Hao-Ren Fusion of Library, Archive, Museum, Publisher (LAMP): the NTNU Library Experience
  72. CEYNOWA, Irmhild New insights into written cultural heritage: material science and art technology
  73. PAIVA, Marie Amazing Years as a Volunteer Librarian from 1997-2017
  74. IRVINE, Jan, OPENSHAW, Kristine, BIDWELL, Pam and KELLY, Geoff We design with industry in mind! Bridging the gap between industry practitioners and academics
  75. CRAWFORD, Kirsty Libraries Unlimited, Bangladesh
  76. LAU, Chin Tiong Douglas, LOO, Hong Ling Sandie, WONG, Kae Perng Jacky and WAN-YEOH, Seok Kwan Library tour using virtual reality and augmented reality: The National Institute of Education Library experience
  77. RIISALU, Katre and SOONE, Triin Kids & Teens & Libraries – together on a cultural journey
  78. VICENTE, Lluís, SERRANO, Maria de Vallibana and ECHEVARRIA, Gemma Design thinking for libraries: To dive in the deep end of innovation
  79. KEMBLE, Whitney Cooking the books: Developing an “Academic” cookbook collection
  81. GRUSZKOWSKI, Tomasz Getting it right – How to start digitizing on a shoestring
  82. SAMSUDIN, Ahmad, PULO, Lilian Baun and ABU BAKAR, Mohd Awis Indigenous voices in the land of the head-hunters: local content development of Sarawak’s Northern Region
  83. OKABE, Yukinori and HARADA, Takashi The development of the book report creation support game
  84. LI, Siyi Freedom of information and information management in China: an empirical study
  85. PRADIER, Fanny, MICHON, Alyson, BOUSQUET, Anouk and DA SILVA, Jérémy Transforming libraries: welcoming migrants in Lyon’s libraries
  86. BANLANGPO, Penvipa, MONTAI, Panarat and KHEMNGERN, Penpichcha The challenges faced in transforming library in Thailand
  87. AL SHAMARI, Eiman, PARKER-LEAVY, Susan and AL BULUSHI, Kulthoom National Museum of Qatar Library Rare Books – International collection of gastronomy books & manuscripts
  88. AL BLOUSHI, Zaineeb, AL MARZOQI, Ahmed and PARKER-LEAVY, Susan National Museum of Qatar Library – A new library in heart of museum
  89. BAČIĆ, Edita, PŠENICA, Davorka and VUKSAN, Vesna Regional Library Cooperation for Implementation of UN Agenda 2030
  90. OSUIGWE, Nkem, MULINDWA, Gertrude Kayaga and PETUCHOVAITE, Ramune IYALI 2018: New Services and Community Outreach in African Public Libraries
  91. OVENSTAD, Ellen How can trade unions support library employees?
  92. SATO, Masae, MIWA, Makiko and ISOBE, Yukie Cancer Information: A Survey of Health and Medical Information Services offered by Public Libraries in Japan
  93. NASUTION, Nathalie and FATIMAH, Mira Football connects libraries
  94. FENG, Jiqiang When Earth Day Meets World Reading Day
  95. NG, Hoi Ying Learn, Play and Connect - The New Experiential Library @Singapore Sports Hub
  96. WU, Yue, CUI, Haiyuan, WEI, Chengfu, ZHU, Ling, LUO, Pengcheng, ZHOU, Yigang, LIU, Dan and ZHANG, Yuanjun Peking University Scholarly Communication ecosystem

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