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Session 113c - Poster Session 1 - IFLA Poster Session

Monday 26 August 2019

  1. ASNAFI, Amir Reza, HAJIZEINOLABEDINI, Mohsen and DEKAMEI, Mohammad A Study about Organizational Climate with Customer-Satisfactory of Library of Art & Cultural Organization of Tehran Municipality (I.R.Iran)
  2. VASERIENĖ, Urtė Autism friendly library
  3. PÎRVU, Iuliana-Camelia From a small green library to a sustainable community, a path marked with SDGs
  4. EKBERG, Camilla and CAROZZI BJURSTRÖM, Andrea A greener option for e-book acquisition? Our experiences of a platform for individual selection
  5. LIM, Edward Junhao, YANG, Michael and DE ALWIS, Gina Connecting Business Librarians in Asia Pacific and beyond
  6. CHARITOUDI, Evi Spreading the book content all over the library: a book-based exhibition
  7. HORNG, Shih-chang Libraries Working to Realize UN SDG10 - Reduced Inequalities - Taipei Public Library Experience
  8. AMIRTHALINGAM, Janakiraman MSSRF’s Sustainable Green Library to Achieve SDG 7
  9. JENG, Judy FAST Forward
  10. SHEN, Tung-mei Creating a Sustainable Knowledge Ark – Community Cooperation to Cultivate Green Literacy
  11. LEE, Katherina International Membership within the ALA International Relations Round Table: Goal and Dialogue for Change
  12. FARRELL, Maggie, WELBURN, Janice and MCNEIL, Beth Reducing inequity through inclusion - the leader's role
  13. NEŠIĆ, Mirjana Raising the quality of education through digital transformation in libraries
  14. ISILDAK, Muratcan Knowledge Transfer from past to future
  15. ŠTRBAC, Nikolina, ŠAFRAN MODRIĆ, Ana and ŠOLC, Vlasta Quality learning doesn’t have to cost a fortune: foreign language workshops in Zagreb City Libraries
  16. DRAVINSKI, Petra The Power of Mobile Library in Supporting Preschool Education in Rural Areas: Awarded Innovative Project of "Fran Galović" Public Library Koprivnica, Croatia
  17. PRUCKOVÁ, Lenka, JANSOVA, Linda, PERIKOVA, Andrea and ROVEROVA, Eva The Night with Mr. Andersen
  18. STUMMEYER, Sabine and KLINGER, Axel Open Educational Resources in academic libraries – TIB approach
  19. SAMIEE, Mitra, FARZADI, Somayeh and HOOSHMAND, Elham Promotion of environmental protection culture through green information literacy education in Iran's public libraries
  20. BEM, Roberta Moraes de, WEBER, Claudiane and GRANTS, Andréa Figueiredo Leão El servicio BU Publicaciones: la construcción de saberes en la Biblioteca Universitaria de la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
  21. SAMIEE, Mitra Natural Library: An Opportunity for Children to Familiarize with Practical Life Skills
  22. SHEN, Show-Ru and SHINDY, Shen Using Picture Books in Children's Life Education - Example in Taiwan
  23. WANG, Ning-Chiao and CHEN, Chao-Chen A Comparative Study of Collaborative Teaching’s Cognition and Practice between Hong Kong and Taiwan Elementary School’s Teacher-Librarians
  24. LANG, Ulrike Healthy, satisfied librarians to serve the customers and the community better
  25. ALI, Muahmmad Yousuf and BHATTI, Rubian HEC Digital Library, Pakistan: An Integrated Information Source for University Students in Pakistan
  26. VLACHOS, Evgenios, FABER HANSEN, Anne and HOLCK, Jakob Povl The essence of being a librarian in disruptive times
  27. CHOU, Min, LI, Haipeng and WONG, Rebekah S. H. Bridging the Gaps and Sustaining the Development of Global Digital Humanities and Scholarship
  28. CHAN, Man Yi Helen Benefits of Gamified Reading for the Students of Lam Tin Methodist School in Reading Battle
  29. LAPPA, Evaggelia, PAGANAS, Aristofanis, GARMIRI, Vasiliki and KARAPOULIOS, Dimitrios Greek Translation and Adaptation of the “Evaluation of the Electronic Health Record in Primary Health Care” questionnaire
  30. PSHENICHNAYA, Evgeniya, GUSKOV, Andrey and REDKINA, Natalya Science Festival at the library
  31. MORCOS, George Beirut Arab University Library, BAU Digital Repository
  32. SIM, Yu-Jung and TAE, Ja-Un The starting of veterinary history information search: The veterinary collection service of APQA (Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency)
  33. MURAKAMI, Harumi A System for Exploring NDLSH and LCSH Headings
  34. BLAKE, Aleksandra, MACDONALD, Heather and RIVARD, Joel Subject Coordinator: a new role to support team-based research services
  35. SHINGALIYEVA, Saule and SHAGIYEVA, Bibigul Let’s Get Crafty in Makerspace at the East-Kazakhstan Regional Public Library!
  36. SANT-GERONIKOLOU, Stavroula, KOUIS, Dimitris and KOULOURIS, Alexandros “Kanvassing” change in the academic library: A prototype application for capturing and enhancing organizational knowledge
  37. LI, Yang "Nostalgia Library"— the new public reading space of countryside in China
  38. MIHOLIČ, Petruša Slovenian students’ awareness of the need for information literacy to avoid plagiarism
  39. WATKINS, Trevor U., HUGHES, Tracey, HUGHES, Cameron, HUGHES-WATKINS, Lae’l and ZENG, Marcia Cosmology of Artificial Intelligence Project
  40. NASTIC, Olivera and NEDJIC, Marina Inclusion through art: educational and creative workshops for elementary school students and children with disabilities
  41. BUSCHMANN, Paul and VAN DER MEULEN, Anne-Lise Skipping a century. One library, 50 collections, three centuries, ten years
  42. DECHERT, Lea, MAHNKE, Christel, SOUDIAS, Dimitris and STATHOPOULOU, Nikoletta Bauhaus Beyond Design: 100 years of creative learning and learning creativity
  43. LYNEBORG, Cecilie Nedovic and HANSEN, Toke Frello Augmented Reality in the children’s library
  44. ERCEGOVAC, Snježana, TUZLANČIĆ, Ira and ŠOLC, Vlasta Libraries for the community: Inclusion of senior citizens through the project 65 Plus
  45. MATIJEVIĆ, Milica 4R 4U
  46. MONTES BAFFIER, Veronique and DISTER, Sarah Libraries and the SDGs: how the FAO Library is translating SDGs into tangible knowledge
  47. WALSTON, Erika and DOWNS, Deirdre The mental health benefits of environmental programs in public libraries
  48. MACHADO BORGES SENA, Priscila, BLATTMANN, Ursula and MOREIRO GONZÁLEZ, José Antonio Una tesis llevada a la práctica: innovación y creatividad en la Red de Bibliotecas Escolares y Comunitarias de Florianópolis
  49. SUNG, Hui-Yun Togetherness: The value of reading aloud for school children in rural areas
  50. KAPSALI, Konstantina, PINOTSI, Dimitra, KOUKOULAKI, Theoni, GEORGIADOU, Paraskevi and CONSTANTINIDIS, Theodoros C. Occupational safety and health risks in Greek libraries
  51. MCROSTIE, Donna Power to the People “informing a transformational strategic vision for library services
  52. WANG, Chun Hsiang, CHANG, Wenchih and LIN, Woei SMART Solutions for Service Improvement and Environmental Sustainability: the NCHU Library Experience
  53. APPIAH, Doreen AfLIA Leadership Academy – AfLAc African Library Leaders promoting Change in the Community
  54. CRUMPTON, Michael Educating the Entrepreneurial Librarian
  55. OBUEZIE, Adaora Chigozie, OBIAMALU, Amaka Raymonda and WAGWU, Victor Capturing learning interests with information literacy activities for a sustainable quality education
  56. SHIPMAN, Jean P. and DELORY, Colleen Quality Librarian education in unexpected places!
  57. NAIMI, Kamil, YUSOFF, Hafiz and JOHARI, Hafiz Smart partnership
  58. TSENG, Shu-Hsien, LEU, Tzu-ling and LIN, Yu-hsin Share the amazing Chinese rare books
  59. LEE, Han-lim Practice Coding with Stories: A coding education program with a combination of picture books and software
  60. TSENG, Shu-Hsien, HUANG, Wen-de and LIAU, Jane Using AI to Analyze Humanities Research Trends in Chinese and Taiwan Studies
  61. AZORIN-ALBIÑANA LÓPEZ, María Teresa and HACKENBERG, Eva EUROKTEB: a EUNIC project to promote reading and the knowledge of European languages and values for children and young adults in public libraries of the Rabat/Salé/Kénitra region from the Kingdom of Morocco
  62. NIKOLA, Ritva and HYYTIÄINEN, Pauliina Virtual Reality Libraries in Finland
  63. TSUNODA, Hiroyuki, SUN, Yuan, NISHIZAWA, Masaki, LIU, Xiaomin and AMANO, Kou Current status and flow analysis of posted papers in Biorxiv
  64. KUBILIUS, Donatas and GASIŪNAITĖ, Vaida Every good adaptation is also an innovation
  65. SATO, Sho, ITAGAKI, Saki, SUEHIRO, Asuka, TAKAMURA, Tomoka, YAMASHITA, Koji, ICHIKAWA, Ryuta, SUKOBOSHI, Katsuhiko and HARADA, Takashi Development of VR system for testing library designs
  66. ALATALO, Eeva-Maria, HIRVASNIEMI, Soile and VESALA, Anne Oulu City Library Book Metro: a visual way to recommend reading
  67. KRIEG, Anna Andrea Eye Contact - Women and Occupation
  68. ZHAO, Shuzhen Information Literacy Needs in the Electronic Resource Environment
  69. NWOFOR, Florence Amaka, UDEZE, Nkechi Sabina and CHIKAODI, Hope Chinyere Ilorah Public Library Transforming Communities: Innovative Projects through Partnerships for Sustainable Developments
  70. MILOŠEVIĆ, Dragan Multimedia presentation of library heritage - 50th anniversary of the First Rock Guitar Festival in Belgrade
  71. ALSHAMARI, Eman and ISPEITHAN, Rasha Qatar National Library: A Library Driven by Social Justice Values
  72. KLEEMOLA, Hanna Literary art activities as promoters of social inclusion
  73. SILVESTRE, Susana From the Arts to the Hearts: The transformative power of Marvila Public Library in Lisbon, Portugal
  74. BANSKI, Erika Carleton University Library Therapy Dog Program
  75. MALENFANT, Kara Academic librarians accelerating change in systems of scholarly communications and the research environment
  76. YEBEI, Jepchumba Beatrice, NYAKUNDI, James Nyambane and PHAM, Ba Toan Academic Library as Social Network site for Climate Change
  77. RATKUTĖ, Greta Reading Promotion Programs in Lithuanian Public Libraries
  78. GVOZDENOVIĆ, Ana, VUČINIĆ, Marina and PESIĆ, Dragan Public libraries and local community –partnerships in the promotion of education and contemporary literacy
  79. ZLATAR RADIGOVIĆ, Karolina Croatian Cyclolibrarians and Sustainable Development
  80. BATS, Raphaëlle, DELAUNE, Camille and INSAURRALDE, Gustavo French libraries and sustainable development goals
  81. WIRTH, Andrea A. Connecting the Institutional Repository to the Framework for Information Literacy
  82. TSAO, Shu-Chuan iSpace is My Space: Building the Most Interesting Library
  83. PÉRON, Caroline and PAPON-VIDAL, Laure Thank you Hypatia: how a Science library can highlight the work of female scientists and promote gender equality in science
  84. BEAULIEU, Marie-Catherine, LAURENT, Clementine, MARTINEZ, Rafael and PROUST, Lena Public libraries, LGBTQI+ and the reduction of inequalities
  85. KAKALI, Constantia and GRAMMATIKOU, Georgia AMElib the Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library of Greece
  86. HASSAN, Nazaleeza, MAT ABU, Nor Chempawan, MOHD ARIFFIN, Noraina, ABDUL MANAF, Nur Izzani and SHUKRI, Laily Hafidzun From Zero to Hero@Kampung Lindungan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  87. WANG, Zhukang, ZHAN, Jie, PI, Juan and JING, Ren Our Library Poverty Relief Story
  88. TANASIJEVIĆ, Suzana and PESIC, Ivana Changing yourself will change the World – Public Library in Jagodina by developing the library according to the users’ needs will become a part of global changes worldwide
  89. STANCIU, Loredana, RADU, Mihaela and DASCALU, Roxana NewLib – New challenges for public libraries
  90. ERIKSSON, Ann Catrine, WENNERHOLM, Christine and BLOMBERG, Sylvia Turn your library into a place where human rights becomes reality – the library manager’s step by step guide to implementing the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child
  91. GOMULKA, Magdalena How powerful is libraries collaboration
  92. KEPKO, Joanna and WITKOWSKA, Ewa The Podlasie Librarians' Forum - years of integration and dialogue
  93. MILLE, Fanny, RACAULT, Marlène and WENZ-GUGLIELMI, Manon The role of school librarian in the sexual education of teenagers
  94. CHERADI, Natalia, LANDOY, Ane, GHINCULOV, Silvia and REPANOVICI, Angela Identifying the factors that stimulate information consumption through the university library
  95. OVENSTAD, Ellen Solutions Through Dialogue!
  96. ABD RAHMAN, Noraini, ZAKARIA, Shahizan Affandi, AZIZ, Rosli, ZULKHAFRI, Mohamad Hafizhon, MAT ZAIN, Abdul Rahman, SAAD, Siti Farrah and MOHD NAZJRUL FAHMI, Johari From rural to the world
  97. SAIDEMBAYEVA, Aliya and OSPANOVA, Bakytzhamal The biblio-volunteer activity for the revival of cological environment of the Aral region (Steady Development Goals – p.13 – Climatic measures)
  98. CUNHA, Paulo, SILVA, Fabiana, COUTO, Gizele and FERREIRA, Nelson National Week of the Book and Library of Uberlândia Federal University – UFU – SNLB / UFU – Trans – Colors (IN) visible: Trans invisibility in educational and formal work spaces
  99. DEUTSCH, Paula, MAKAR, Susan and STROUSE, Greg Creating a collaborative space for dialogue within the NIST Research Library
  100. SALAZAR-ROBLES, Sergio O., SOLANO AGUILAR, Gabriela, RIVERA AGUILERA, Alma B. and CRUZ-VÁZQUEZ, Alfredo Grounding diversity: challenges for two Mexican private university libraries to attend diverse community members’ information needs
  101. CHRISTOPOULOU, Nikolitsa Library branches: The capital and the province are being connected!
  102. KIM, Dabin The National Library adds equality to access to E-books: E-book Accessibility Certification System for disabled people and older people
  103. THATE, Stefanie and SERBANUTA, Claudia The power of STEM magic
  104. ARNING, Ursula and BERINGER, Constanze Publicationsinfrastructure for Open Science: Services for Green and Gold Open Access
  105. HOSHINO, Yuko and MOTOKI, Akihiro Comparison of the Library Services for the Handicapped in Japan and Arizona
  106. MARJANEN, Ilkka and KAISTI, Hanna Avolava - live music at the Hämeenlinna City Library
  107. ALLEN, Carolyn Henderson, REILLY, Michele and LENNERTZ, Lora Changing the dialogue of campus architecture: The University of Arkansas Library Annex
  108. WANG, Zizhou, ZHANG, Xiaofang, ZHANG, Ge, QIU, Lu and DAI, Jing B@LSH:A Supportive Eco-system for Children’s Reading in Rural Areas
  109. CHANG, Naicheng, WANG, Yunghsin and HSU, Hsuanyu Sheila Integrating problem based learning and service learning into teaching information literacy in a blended learning environment
  110. KRASS, Ulrike Cross border Dialogue for Change: French-German Librarian Partnership
  111. AKHTER, Razina Grow with books: Porte port boro hoi - A bilingual reading initiative for primary and secondary school children from public access library
  112. DUFFUS, Orolando Committee on Diversity & Inclusion: Cultivating an Inclusive Library Environment
  113. DE BRAUWERE, Jana Making Public Libraries Safe Places for All
  114. CHENG, Bing On the Development of the Library Mobile Service Based on Mobile Communication Technologies
  115. WU, Ko-Chiu, LIU, Chung-Ching, CHIU, Tzu-Heng and CHEN, Chun-Ching Inclusive design for children navigating and seeking books in National Library of Public Information (NLPI), Taiwan
  116. MIYAHARA, Shizuko Making a community information guide using the iPad application “PeKay”: Dialogue for change with citizens
  117. MOTOKI, Akihiro A case report of information accessibility initiated by the library management in Japan.
  118. GILL, Michelle A. and GOSINE-BOODOO, Meerabai A proposal for Amazon’s Alexa support in library mentorship
  119. WANG, Changqing, ZHANG, Jiangshun and XIAO, Kaiyin Change by Design: A Co-design Project at the Guangzhou Library
  120. PARK, Eun-ju Library Big Data, the Beginning of a Dialogue for Change
  121. SOLOMONIDIS, Irene and THANASAKIS, Konstantinos Traveltrails: Missions and Explorations in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1500 -1830
  122. TRTOVAC, Aleksandra, MILNOVIC, Vasilije, SOFRONIJEVIC, Adam, ANDONOVSKI, Jelena, KOJIC, Dragan, KIRCANSKI, Milica, DAKIC, Natasa and GAVRILOVIC, Ivana Democratization of digitization of cultural heritage – Different pasts may again have an equal say in the future
  123. CLAESSON, Lo and MJÖBERG, Anette Swedish Public Libraries and Climate Awareness
  124. ABDUL HAMID, Mohammad Nazari and BT. AB. MALEK ZAKI, Farah Farahanum Shuhaily Photo Challenge@Library: READ
  125. SIANOU, Margarita Athens’ multilingual library dedicated to promoting interculturalism
  126. XU, Zuming Audiovisual Poem, a New Form of Library Promotion
  127. YOON, Hee Jeong How well do you know legal deposit? The National Library of Korea’s online materials Legal Deposit System, the beginning of change in libraries
  128. HOEMSNES, Tone Elin and ZAHEDIFAR, Effat Working with library events in the academic library – how can our work with library events be an inspiration to others?
  129. NWAFOR-ORIZU, Ejeagwu Obianuju and OKONKWO, Ifeyinwa Nkechi Urgent climate information for climate actions in Nigeria
  130. MURAKI, Miki Tools for references of “Manga” Verification of Database and its practical use
  131. JANAN, Azizi, ALI, Mohd Azman, ISMAIL, Mohamad Bukhari, BAKHTIAR, Haizatul Afni and HASHIM, Zairina Reading on the go!
  132. BANFORD, Jacqueline Towards Digital Literacy - Makerspaces in the Public Libraries of Berlin-Mitte
  133. MUHAMAD, Mastura, SAPUAN, Norelmin and SAHLAN, Norazhan Library makeover: The sanctuary of the mind
  134. BRUNO DUARTE, Eiras Many ways one goal! SDGs & UN 2030 Agenda in Portuguese Libraries
  135. CORREIA, Miguel Mimoso and EIRAS, Bruno Duarte "We are libraries! Public, Municipal, of all!!" Campaign / Campanha "Somos Bibliotecas! Públicas, Muncipais, De todos!"
  136. MOHD FAUZILLAH BIN MD JAAFAR, Fauzi and FARRAH HANI BT MD NOR, Aini Nur Conquer Languages Conquer the World
  137. ALMALKI, Ahmed Transforming Qatar National Library Young Learners into Lifelong Learners
  138. BRIDGES, Laurie, PARK, Diana and EDMUNSON-MORTON, Tiah Writing African American History into Wikipedia
  139. CHIU, Tzu-Heng Community Health Fairs of Taipei Medical University Library (TMUL): promoting consumer health literacy and reading habits for University hospitals’ neighborhoods
  140. SITI YUSRINA BT MOHD. JAINUDIN, Siti Yusrina and NURUL AIZAN BT MUNER, Nurul Aizan Cubicles of happiness
  141. SABLJAK, Ivana, MISCIN, Zeljka and GABRIEL, Dunja Marija Bibliotherapy Workshops for Motivation to Read – „I am Your Dog, Read to me Aloud!“
  142. ODEYEMI, Samuel Oladunjoye Framework to strengthen and revitalize equitable-quick access to information for sustainable development
  143. KROLAK, Lisa and PESCHERS, Gerhard Books beyond bars: The transformative potential of prison libraries
  144. MAHMOOD, Arshad, SHAHID, Attya and REHMAN, Abdur SBP National Financial Literacy Program (NFLP): Building financially capable nation
  145. BRINDESI, Hara and CHOULIARI, Areti Maritime Libraries Network (MarLiNet): a new partnership in the maritime field
  146. WYMAN, Andrea and IMAMVERDIYEV, Mushvig Library Science Education: Global Trends and Transformations
  147. JANG, Ki-Sun and KIM, Jung Eun Ask a Librarian - Collaborative Digital Reference Service by National Library of Korea
  148. CHEN, Yi-Jhen and JHANG, Wan-Jhen iLib Guider: An Integrated and Multifunctional Library Indoor Positioning APP in Taiwan
  149. HUANG, Peifang, YANCHUN, Sun, ZHU, Ruiqin and WU, Yuke Helping Families Build Neighborhood Libraries
  150. LATOUR, Marie Open Sciences, Open Licenses: fold or raise?
  151. CHARLES, Leslin H. and MCFADDEN, Laurie J. Changing the narrative: Approaches to engaging previously incarcerated students and hip-hop generation
  152. NAZARE, Ruxandra, POPESCU, Claudia and CRISTEA, Diana A museum in a library, a library in a museum – SDGs’ significant learning program for children and young adults
  153. PUTZKE, Rebekka Unknown Partners, Great Opportunities: How Libraries & Schools could Work Together for a Better Society
  154. WU, Yue, CUI, Haiyuan, NIE, Hua and ZHOU, Yigang Get website moving Get readers coming - A delightful user experience design make an online library lovable
  155. AXONIDI, Sofia Libraries going green

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