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Session 93 - National Libraries and Social Media - Meeting the Challenges of Acquiring, Preserving and Proving Long-Term Access - National Libraries

Sunday 26 August 2018

  1. MACNAUGHT, Bill Social Media Collecting at the National Library of New Zealand
  2. CAROU, Alain Archiver les plateformes vidéo contributives à la BnF. Expérimentations, réalisations et projets
  3. ZWAARD, Kate, AYDELOTT, Moryma, BRUNTON, David, CRAWFORD, Melissa, GROTKE, Abigail, MARCOU, Nicole, MEARS, Jaime, NAGEL, Jared, POTTER, Abigail, RAGO, Michelle, SHORT, Steve and SWEENEY, J. Mark Institution as Social Media Collector: Lessons Learned from the Library of Congress

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