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Session 75 - Winning Strategies for Collecting, Cataloguing, Providing, Playing and Preserving Video Games in Libraries - Audiovisual and Multimedia with Information Technology

Saturday 25 August 2018

  1. COWING, Jared, LEE, Simon and PUN, Raymond Level Up for Learning: Integrating Video Game Concepts into Information Literacy and Student Engagement Activities
  2. FUKUDA, Kazufumi and MIHARA, Tetsuya A Development of the Metadata Model for Video Game Cataloging: For the Implementation of Media-Arts Database
  3. GREENE, David and GROENENDYK, Michael Blurred Lines—between virtual reality games, research, and education
  4. MAHNKE, Christel, NASUTION, Nathalie, FATIMAH, Mira, SANDFUCHS, Nico and HASENPATT, Hannes JERMANIA – An interactive journey to Germany
  5. STRATILATOVAS, Eugenijus Developing video games with cultural value at National Library of Lithuania
  6. LINDSEY, Jeffrey, LINDSEY, Kamari, DANIELS LLANOS, Melani and ENEH, Akunna Video Games: Attracting the Nex-Gen Patron

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