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Session 112 - Poster Sessions

Monday 21 August 2017

Description: Poster Presentations

  1. LAHTI, Marjatta, MSHANA, Jackline and HAMWAALWA, Namutenya Libraries for social and economic change
  2. SMITH, Sonia and KOCHKINA, Svetlana Library exhibit going touch: bringing the history of criminal law and Holocaust to library users through a multimedia experience
  3. JACQUET, Amandine Library World Map: a map to support solidarity and sharing between librarians!
  4. WEBER, Claudiane and SOARES PINTO FERREIRA, Sueli Mara Study of The Dynamics of the Relationships Network in the Work Presented at the “Open Session” of the Regional Section of Latin America and the Caribbean at IFLA Congresses: 1987 – 2015
  5. ORLANDO, Alexandra Fight against isolation of third aged people : a purpose for the Raon l'Etape public library in a little town in Vosges, France
  6. MORADI, Shima and MAHBOOBIAN, Soheila Does elite students read non- text books?
  7. CHU, Clara M., DAVIS, Mary Ellen K. and PUENTE, Mark A. Learning Together: Libraries, Archives, and Museums
  8. CHENG, Wei-Chung, LIN, Chih-Chun, HUNG, Lin-Hui, HSIEH, Yi-Shan, CHU, Yen-Ting, FONG, Cho-Hou and CHIU, Ming-Hsin Phoebe How To Remodel A Public Library From User-Oriented Perspective?
  9. ZANONI, Jean, COGHLAN, Elisa, WELBURN, Janice and WELBURN, William Connections and Collaboration: A Library’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  10. RINALDO, Constance and SMITH, Jane The Biodiversity Heritage Library: Testing Tools, Enhancing Content, Linking Institutions and Contributing to Open Science
  11. HACKENBERG, Eva Game Jam der Bibliothek des Goethe-Instituts Marokko in Casablanca
  12. GABRIEL, Dunja Marija and MISCIN, Zeljka National Campaign for Persons with Reading Difficulties and Dyslexia “I Wish to Read Too!”
  13. RUAN, Lian Developing Leaders and Innovators in the 21st Century: the Chinese Librarians Scholarly Exchange Program (CLSEP) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, United States
  14. AHMED, Sara An Untapped Generation: Bringing Millennials Through Your Doors
  15. FERREIRA, Sueli Mara S. P. and SANTANA, Laura Passos LAC Libraries: the impact of the copyright legislation in Latin America and the Caribbean region
  16. FREEMAN, Mark Taking Six Steps To Accessible Libraries
  17. KIVI, Ulla-Mari Born to read: children under school age and their parents in the library
  18. SEIDUMANOV, Zhanat, SAIDEMBAYEVA, Aliya and SMAGULOVA, Gulmira National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan – integrator of interethnic concord and spirituality
  19. MIURA, Taro and SUGIMOTO, Yuka Multilingual services in Japanese public libraries
  20. STUMMEYER, Sabine Guidelines for Open Educational Resources for Libraries and Information Institutions
  21. JOVIN, Jelena Managing Conflicts in Serbian Libraries
  22. ZHU, Junwei Perfect Combination of Reading and Sports
  23. LIU, Lidong Telling Stories of Hangzhou Craftsmen, Cherishing Craftsman Spirit
  24. FENG, Jiqiang Makers Campaign for Innovation in Hangzhou
  25. SACCHANAND, Chutima STOU, Thailand and the development of ASEAN Information Literacy Network
  26. NURMAGAMBETOVA, Akerke, AGADIL, Aida and SUMBEMBAYEVA, Sholpan Teach. Motivate. Inspire.
  27. THANKAVADIVEL, Ramanan and KLEINVELDT, Lynn Academic Libraries’ position in developing Mixed Societies: the case of South Africa and Sri Lanka
  28. TECHATAWEEWAN, Wawta Needs Assessment in M-Library Services of Academic Libraries in Thailand
  29. HERNÁNDEZ-CARRIÓN, José-Rodolfo, GONZÁLEZ-ALCAIDE, Gregorio, GÓMEZ-FERRI, Javier and HERNÁNDEZ-SAN MIGUEL, Francisco-Javier Scientific collaboration: new challenges for university libraries
  30. HERNELAHTI, Sanna and KOLEHMAINEN, Susanna New kind of boundary breaking library culture
  31. BENNETT, Samantha, KAPITZKI, Rupa and DJUKIC, Predrag Promotion of electronic resources through information literacy
  32. SAFAVI, Zeinab and BARADAR, Roya "Family Day": A Sample of solidarity and community between public library and society
  33. BRODIN BERGGREN, Lenita and JOSEFSSON, Malin Search Feel Find
  34. DUDEK, Sarah Meet your new neighbour at the Cologne Public Library! Facilitating integration into society by bringing locals and refugees together
  35. HU, Fang Life of Senior Citizens Still Wonderful
  36. TRETTHAHN, Susanne Advanced training program for volunteer librarians in Austria
  37. XIA, Chen First Film-themed Public Library in China
  38. HERNANDEZ ZARAGOZA, Maria Victoria and LÓPEZ-CUEVAS, Jorge The library as influencer in the scientific world: the social impact of this very special work!
  39. ZARINA, Lasma and AGAFONOVA, Viktorija 4D library – mindfulness and presence
  40. BLAKE, Aleksandra Grey is the New Black: How to keep up with Grey Literature in the Academic Library?
  41. DEPTULA, Maria Augmented Reality: Practical Applications for Libraries
  42. BUNIĆ, Sanja Story Behind the Guidelines: Developing the Guidelines for Library Services to People Experiencing Homelessness
  43. OYELUDE, Adetoun A. and OLANIYI, Olanike Peculiarities in Oyo State Library System
  44. SAYUTI, Sabariah, MUHAMAD, Mastura and JUMHAR, Noor Jasmin The Buggy Ride @Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda Library, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
  45. LESAJA, Jelena and PASSAD, Kristina The Inaccessible
  46. CEMGIL, Selin Can and PALA, Safak Women Read
  47. BI, Yuanyuan and GONG, Xiaoting YOU & ME: Annual Patron Report
  48. SALEH, Emad Isa, ISMAIL, Heba Mohamed and TAWFIK, Rasha Hussein International Network of Emerging Library Innovators – Middle East and North Africa (INELI-MENA)
  49. RADULOVIĆ, Marija Book Installation for E-generation: Linking Young Readers and Books through Modern Technologies
  50. SOLEIMANI, Somayeh One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world
  51. FRED, Eva Sommarboken!
  52. HAKIM RAHME, Dalal and JAWAD, Sara Redesigning the Lebanese Library Association Website
  53. MILLER, Rebecca L. Libraries are more than "book houses" - Developing active libraries in Afghanistan
  54. NZOMO, Peggy Information Literacy Divide: The language factor
  55. LYONS, Denise and SIMMONS, Kathryn Every Day Literacy: South Carolina’s Toolbox for Library Centered Intergenerational Literacy Programs
  56. PHALANTWA, Patrick and BATHOENG, Tapudzani Library Ambassadors: Peer to Peer Advocacy
  57. RINTAMÄKI, Katri, FLEMMING, Christina, LEHTO, Anne and TOUKONEN, Jonna Elements of Success in a Joint Academic Library for Five Universities
  58. TANGDUANGDEE, Anyada, PUNSUKUMTANA, Lada and LAEKHAKHUM, Kularb Science and Technology Information Network Center, Thai National Information System: Development of Information Service Networking of Thailand
  59. VUONTISJÄRVI, Kati and JERNDAHL, Tuija Reading together! – ebooks for school use
  60. KEYS, Karen The Five Laws of Library Programs for and with Teens
  61. MASTURA, Muhamad, ABDUL HAMID, Suzliana and M. SADON, Norkhairul Nizam Raise a reader, build a nation of reader: building solidarity among library societies
  62. BAKHTYARI, Abdolhossein, MIRHOSSEINI, Zohreh and MORADI, Iraj Foresight of Information Technology in Iranian Public Libraries: Future studies approach
  63. ĐORĐEVIĆ, Violeta and IVKOVIĆ MARKOVIĆ, Vladislava Cultural animation with „stars”
  64. RESENDE, Janaina Barcelos How BR Public Academic Libraries build their collection
  65. BERNABE, Anna, BALDI, Cristina, CONTARINI, Marina, IANNUCCI, Paola and SEBASTIANIS, Landina The University of Ferrara (Unife) Libraries unveil their heritage to fulfill new goals: completed actions, plans and opportunities supporting Research, Education and Third Mission
  66. AL, Umut, TAŞKIN, Zehra and SOYDAL, Irem “Local transformation, global access”: If not now, when?
  67. MONTES BAFFIER, Veronique and DISTER, Sarah Would you judge a book by its cover? Book cover designs on pulses and legumes from the FAO Library collections
  68. BULATOVIC, Marija and PETROVIC, Vera University Library “Svetozar Markovic” in Belgrade and its digital funds
  69. FREYRE, Elisabeth Digitising historical documents in a better, faster and cheaper manner with the IMPACT Centre of competence
  70. MOHTARAMEH, Daneshmand, ASNAFI, Amir Reza and PAKDAMAN NAEINI, Maryam Study on Iranian librarian’s commitment to professional ethics
  71. NAVARRO LISOWSKA, Bernadetta Maria Collaborative work of university libraries in the Metropolitan University Network of Bogotá- RUMBO
  72. OETTEL, Sarah, WALLERS, Deborah and HAUKE, Petra How to publish a Festschrift
  73. HORNG, Shih-chang From 70 to 10,000:"Book" Online and "Pick Up" at Convenience Store
  74. LEE, Mihwa Suggestion on the changes of RDA controlled vocabularies through the users’ test for BIBFRAME
  75. ROZKOSZ, Ewa, WIOROGÓRSKA, Zuza and MATRAŚ, Agata “Bibliostory – Educational Comic Stories”. A Case-based Media and Information Literacy for Children and Youths
  76. TSENG, Shu-hsien, CHEN, Li-chun and SHAO, Hsiu-Mei Good Books Spread a Thousand Miles Electronically: the Global Sharing of Taiwan Resources
  77. SA'ADUN NAZIR, Mohd Norshazlin You can read anywhere, even under water
  78. KOELEN, Marga Th. and DRENT, Marjolein Optimisation of the Research Support Services at the University of Twente The Netherlands
  79. FARMER, Lesley The Library of Congress Literacy Awards, 2013-2017: Best Practices
  80. GLUŠIČ, Milena and KOTNIK, Andrej Sharing knowledge. Solidarity makes joy
  81. KRASS, Ulrike Summer-Camps for Librarians – a Perfect Opportunity for Learning and Networking
  82. CHANG, Ju-Ying A Splendid 25 Years of Fine Books For Everyone Award in Taiwan
  83. SOUSA, Carla and FORTKAMP CALDIN, Clarice A panorama of Bibliotheray in Brazil and Poland
  84. SANTOS, Elis Gabriela Copa and FERREIRA, Sueli Mara S. P. 40 years of relationships within the IFLA Latin American and Caribbean section
  85. COLE, Carmen and REITER, Lauren Quality AND Quantity: Preserving the Value of Research Consultations in a High-Enrollment Academic Environment
  86. TERRÓN QUINTERO, Grisel Valoración patrimonial de las colecciones facticias en Cuba: Colección Facticia de Emilio Roig
  87. TATARUS, Margareta From library volunteers to community engagers
  88. AL, Umut and MADRAN, Orcun Libraries for Everyone: Inspirational applications for municipal public libraries
  89. MELO, Elisete de Sousa and MARTINS ROSA, Alpina Gonzaga Network of Art Libraries and Information Centers in the State of Rio de Janeiro - REDARTE / RJ: a continuous solidarity
  90. EMRANI, Seyaed Ebrahim and NIKNIA, Massoomeh The Role of the Educated Professional Librarians in the Redefinition of Mission, Duties and Role of the National Library of Iran
  91. VICIEDO VALDÉS, Miguel Boletín Tolle Lege, 15 años divulgando los servicios bibliotecarios y el quehacer cultural de la Biblioteca Pública Provincial Rubén Martínez Villena de La Habana.
  92. MATSUDA, Yuriko Café in a school library: how to strengthen links with school and society
  93. MOEN, Mary Media Smart Libraries: Advancing the Digital and Media Literacy Skills of Practicing Librarians through a Digital Badge Project
  94. MARTINS ROSA, Alpina Gonzaga and MELO, Elisete de Sousa The Library of the Federal Justice Cultural Center (CCJF), in the light of IFLA guidelines for public libraries
  95. WANG, Wei-Ching, CHEN, Chun-Ching and CHIU, Tzu-Heng An Initial Exploration into the Design of Visualized Interfaces to Help Children Search for Books Using Smartwatches
  96. HARADA, Takashi, SATO, Sho, YASUDA, Sakura, TOMITA, Hitomi, YOKOZEKI, Mika, HORII, Eiko and HORI, Miki Development of the reading guidance system – Growing game in accordance with impressions after reading
  97. LAI, Li-Hsiang, LEE, Mu Wei and CHENG, David An Integration of RFID Smart Bookshelves for Popular Books and Visualized Interface Design for Children
  98. LIU, Chung-Ching, WU, Ko-Chiu, CHIANG, I-Jen and TSAY, Su-Er A University and Public Library Cooperation Project in Taiwan: Mixed-reality Children’s Library Using Wearable Smartwatch Navigation and Visualized Interfaces
  99. MJÖBERG, Anette and CLAESSON, Lo Fields of immediate importance for Swedish libraries
  100. VILA, Inês Reading Clubs for Parents and Children, an example of good practice!
  101. LARSSON, Lena and TORILDSSON, Carina Improved service to students and professional development of staff at the Learning Centre Studietorget Hälsovetarbacken, Gothenburg University Library
  102. KRUKOWIECKA, Ewa Łucja Polish libraries for teachers - a worldwide phenomenon
  103. ANDREEV, Oxana Spreading the Roots: Library Helps Polish Minorities Preserve the Traditions
  104. KUO, Leslie Beetles, Birdsong, and Books: Digital access to collections at a natural history museum and its library
  105. CORVO DE ARMAS, Maricela de la Caridad Los niños cuentan su historia
  106. GUERRA PENSADO, Adrian Readings preferences of adolescents in Havana city
  107. ROZO HIGUERA, Carolina and SOLARTE, Roberto Libraries for peace and hope: Memories of future of Colombian’s war victims in the Magdalena Medio region
  108. SAPON-WHITE, Richard E. Books Build the Bridge of Friendship: Oregon-Fujian Library Exchange @ 20
  109. WASZCZUK, Weronika and ZAWALSKA-HAWEL, Aleksandra EVS changes the Library! For plus points!
  110. GUPTA, Aditi Blend it all! A tale of embedded librarianship and dynamic classroom instruction in an engineering capstone design course
  111. WERNER, Klaus U. and HAUKE, Petra Green Libraries. Worldwide. A librarians’ tool. 4 Years later…
  112. TERRIHAUTA, Pia Pulmaario coding and learning
  113. SMOLENSKI, Nikola, TRTOVAC, Aleksandra, DAKIC, Natasa, ANDONOVSKI, Jelena and SOFRONIJEVIC, Adam Adding value for society by efficiently presenting cultural heritage with minimum additional costs: In-house development of digital tools for searchable collections at University library Belgrade
  114. THIESEN, Anita L. Patron Driven Acquisitions? Patrons’ preferences and patterns of use
  115. ACADIA, Spencer and KELLAM, Lynda Doing data together: Constructing professional connections for global data librarians
  116. JOSHIPURA, Smita, HUMPHREYS, Alexandra and PFANDER, Jeanne L. Librarians as Ambassadors: The Horner Fellowship Exchange Program for Arizona and Japan Library Personnel
  117. PETUCHOVAITE, Ramune and MULINDWA, Gertrude Kayaga IYALI 2017: New Services and Community Outreach in African Public Libraries
  118. AMANO, Yuki Design a learning Spiral Model to make an authentic question: instructional design for learning environment by to enhance the motivation for learning
  119. OVENSTAD, Ellen Libraries Enrich Society
  120. RIKKILÄ, Jarkko and KOIVISTO, Juhani Metso LIVE – The unique Finnish music library concept combining people, live music, library content and social media
  121. HANNULA, Terhi and PYLKKÖ, Leena Media Messengers – learning by doing
  122. SWIATEK, Cécile and LE GALL, Magalie French academic libraries: acting and supporting for the digital transformation of pedagogy, research and documentation in higher education
  123. IHAMÄKI, Saara and REINIKAINEN, Antti-Ville Power to the people - a key to develop attractive, functional services of the new era
  124. JUNTUMAA, Jouni Activity Based Costing as a tool for knowledge management to libraries
  125. LEE, Eun-Ju and RHO, Jee-Hyun A Feasibility Study for Renovation of Public Libraries in South Korea
  126. SENYOLO, Mokgadi Rebecca and MATOLONG, Harry Advocacy for libraries: A South African perspective
  127. AHN, Hyekyong KORCIS (Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System) Service: Solidarity with Libraries in Korea and Abroad
  128. KIM, Hyeon-ok and MACHIYA, Daichi CJK Digital Library, a Digital Archive Surveying Heritage of Knowledge and Culture in Asia
  129. KANG, Su Hyun Library Adventure by Bookworms Ages 13-18

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