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Session 101 - Poster Sessions

Monday 15 August 2016 12:00 - 14:00 | Room: Exhibition Hall

  1. HSIEH, Shu-Ya and SHEN, Show-Ru Bring back a picture book for children. Share your love of the world with kids.
  2. BAIDOO, Dinah Koteikor Assessing and choosing an appropriate library management software that is compatible with the South African Bibliography Catalogue (SABICat)
  3. KUO, Tzu-Ming, CHENG, Wei-Chung, CHU, Kai-Ying, HOU, Ho-Chan, HUANG, Pin-Shun and CHEN, Sz-Yi The design of public library space in new generation: a case study of New Taipei Public Library
  4. OSUCHUKWU, Ngozi Perpetua Building linkages with community groups for accessibility and sustainable development
  5. RYAN, Marianne and JOHNSON, Catherine Exploring the History of Columbus, Ohio through Interdisciplinary Government Information Resources
  6. EBRAHIMZADEH, Sanam, PARVINI, Nahid and MORADI, Shima Users’ opinion on the use of social media tools by public libraries, Iran
  7. WOLFE, Lacy and SESSER, David Programming Partners: University and Public Library Collaborations
  8. FENTON, Michele T. Come and Be Welcomed! An Exploration of Library Services to Immigrants and Refugees in the United States
  9. AYTAC, Selenay and CONSTANTINOU, Constantia Fulbright Scholar Program for Library Science Professionals: Showcase of Two Recent Projects conducted by Academic Librarians
  10. MIHOLIČ, Petruša Return on investment at Slovenian university: measuring the investments in scientific literature and the research output
  11. LIM, Sharisse Rae The NLP Network: A Collaborative Project between the National Library of the Philippines and select Academic Libraries in Metro Manila
  12. STUMMEYER, Sabine To OER or not to OER? A question for academic libraries
  13. TANS, Eric Zero Waste: A Waste Reduction Challenge at the Michgan State University Library
  14. CHARNEY, Madeleine, SMITH, Bonnie and FILAR WILLIAMS, Beth Growing our Vision Together: A Sustainability Community within the American Library Association
  15. RHODES, Tamara and KAVANAGH WEBB, Katy Connect with your Users: Usability Testing and How User Experience may actually work for you
  16. ZANNIN-YOST, Alessia and DANGLER, Sandra Supporting global education: Creating an engaging experience with children’s literature
  17. ASNAFI, Amir Reza, MORADI, Shima and PAKDAMAN NAEINI, Maryam Public libraries from the users’ perspective: A Case study of Educational Sciences undergraduate students of Sahid Beheshti University
  18. GLOSAITE, Julija and JURGELEVICIENE, Tautvile World‘s First Virtual Bibliotherapy Project “Inside the Book Isl@nd”
  19. SHINGALIYEVA, Saule and AKZHIGITOVA, Kabiba Readers are Leaders at the East-Kazakhstan Regional Public Library!
  20. THOMPSON, Beth and BAUGNON, Rebecca A Digital Oral History: a collaborative project, connecting UNCW students to their Latino community
  21. LEE, Janet and BOLT, Nancy From Local to Global: How a Local Library Organization Can Impact International Librarianship
  22. OBODORUKU, Benedicta and AYTAC, Selenay A Bibliometric Analysis of the Scientific Literature on African Refugees
  23. DOZIER, V. L. E. and WETZEL, Denise A. The Elephant in the Room: An Analysis of New Academic Librarian Orientations in Scholarly Library & Information Science Journals (2011-2015)
  24. VEVE, Marielle From Digital Commons to OCLC: Transforming your ETD Metadata into High Quality RDA Reliant Records
  25. DOWDING, Heidi Process as Product: Modularizing Digital Preservation to Serve Diverse Needs
  26. CRANDALL, Michael, ZENG, Marcia and SUTTON, Stuart Linked Data for Professional Education (LD4PE)- Enabling Librarians to Learn the Basics and Beyond
  27. VONHOF, Cornelia Manage Partnerships! Tools for Strategic Library Development
  28. MEYERS, Jane Kinney Addressing SDGs and library relevance by serving the majority: introducing innovative child/youth public library services in Zambia
  29. GUTH, LuMarie and VANDER MEER, Patricia Reach Out at Your Library with Mobile Telepresence Robot Technology
  30. POLIAKOVAITĖ, Diana and GERMANAS, Edvardas Virtual journey through the world of books
  31. BRANNON, Sian and SMITH, Susan From Acceptance to Assessment: Academic Librarians CAN Card-Swipe
  32. ANDERSON, Talea, HVIZDAK, Erin, URRIOLA, Jazmina and GOODRIDGE, Amador Increasing Access, Increasing Innovation: ABC (Acceso a Bibliografía Científica) in Panama
  33. ABDUL HAMID, Suzliana, MOHD MUNAWIR, Juliana Es and MUHAMAD, Mastura #MalaysiaNgaji
  34. SAYUTI, Sabariah, ABD. RANI, Khairun Nisa, JUMHAR, Noor Jasmin and MUHAMAD, Mastura Let's Read Together for 10 Minutes
  35. BARILLOT, Louise and MOYENCE, Lola The Library and seeking to educate through leisure activities: the example of Bordeaux Public Library
  36. RIEDNER, Mary Beth and GORMAN, Linda Reconnecting Persons with Dementia to their Libraries: Using library materials to improve the quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias
  37. HAKIM RAHME, Dalal Co-Authorship Patterns at the Medical School of the American University of Beirut between 2004 and 2014
  38. FALL, Assane Plateforme de documentation et d’information en imagerie médicale
  39. AHIAUZU, Blessing, OROKOR, Shadrach O. A. and OGU, Dolly C. Connecting the children to the book
  40. JANUŠEVIČIENĖ, Rasa and MANŽUCH, Zinaida The Access to Cultural Heritage for the Blind and Partially Sighted
  41. ALEIXO CHAVES, Maria Margarida, MENDINHOS, Isabel and CIDADES, Olga Community Reading Project: Adding a new flavour to life through reading
  42. KAUFMANN, Karen F. Socio-Cognitive Relevance of Information Literacy: The impact on student academic work
  43. FENNELL, L. Erin Delicious Books: Promoting the Library and a Love of Books Through Library on the Fly and an Edible Book Contest
  44. WILLIAMS, Faye The Intersection of Health Disparities and Library Outreach: Mechanisms for Change
  45. KOLER-POVH, Teja, MIKOŠ, Matjaž and TURK, Žiga Information literacy of doctoral students in engineering sciences through the view of a librarian
  46. FOSTER, Amy The Robot Zoo: Reaching out to Bring People in
  47. BRIDGES, Laurie and MCELROY, Kelly A Learning Adventure: Developing a Librarian-Led Short-Term Study Abroad to Barcelona for Undergraduate Students at a Public University in the USA
  48. LIN, Xiang, ZHEN, Huoxing, KUANG, Hongying, CHEN, Jie and YAN, Hong "Motive Seeds Project" for Children’s Reading Promotion - Documentary of Public Activities by Wuhan Children’s Library
  49. PONCE SUÁREZ, Vilma N. Research + Digitization = Multimedia Collection of Cuban magazines of the sixties, Twentieth Century
  50. MOXNES, Gry Bettina and GREGERSEN, Anne-Berit Rethinking existing spaces: Making the library the preferred place to study
  51. JARDINE, Elizabeth and CAPUANO-VELLA, Loretta One Right Answer: A Community College Library's Leap into Knowledge Management
  52. NAWAR, Essraa Marketing and Development for libraries, a Luxury or a Necessity?
  53. AKHTER, Razina Media Initiative about for and with the Children in Bangladesh
  54. HERNÁNDEZ BARRIOS, Amparo Proceso de implantación del Sistema de Gestión Bibliotecario en la Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí
  55. LESAJA, Jelena Meet our voices
  56. DAVIS-CASTRO, Carla Y. Indigenous Law Portal
  57. RICKET, Edison Sarawak (Malaysia) Family Literacy Program Model: Community Strategies for promoting literacy
  58. DRESSLER, Virginia A. Lending a hand to local historical societies: How academic libraries can reach out to local historical societies to highlight regional history
  59. VUKSAN, Vesna and KOSTIC, Milena Responsive Librarians Uncovered
  60. MARVIN, Stephen Library Consortia Developmnet in Latin America
  61. LEE, Yee Fuang and GOH, Sharlene The Read@School Experience: from reluctant readers to advocates, from dormant to avid readers!
  62. KWON, Seo Hyun "Read Me a Book at the Library" Campaign (Yellow Apron Project)
  63. LEE, Hwa Eun Open Access Korea (OAK): A leading institution in Open Access and the sharing of knowledge information in Korea
  64. JANG, Bo Seong National Alternative Materials Sharing System for Disabled Persons

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