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Session 210 - New technologies, information, users and libraries: Looking into the future - Information Technology

Thursday 21 August 2014 10:45 - 12:45 | Room: Auditorium Pasteur

  1. ONG, Ian, GOH, Cindy, CHUA, Lilian and PAK, Peter Empowering the Library Patron: The Public Libraries of Singapore’s experience with transactional services delivered through a mobile application
  2. EISENGRÄBER-PABST, Dirk, VOGT, Sebastian and DEIMANN, Markus The academic library – a hidden stakeholder - in the age of MOOCs
  3. DJEBBARI, Elhadi, AILINCAI, Anca and BOISSARIE, Xavier MOBILEARN: Augmented reality in the service of informal learning
  4. BESSER, Howard, FARB, Sharon E., GRAPPONE, Todd and JAMSHIDI, Ali Ethics, Technology and the Challenges of Documenting History in Real Time

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