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Session 144 - Libraries in Africa meeting the needs of children and young adults - Africa with Libraries for Children and Young Adults

Tuesday 19 August 2014 13:45 - 18:00 | Room: Auditorium Pasteur

  1. KAMDEM POEGHELA, Charles The library: a vital space for the construction of the personality and social insertion. The urgent necessity of conducting actions of marketing, advocacy and lobbying for this institution
  2. MOSHOESHOE-CHADZINGWA, Matšeliso ’Mamahlape Life challenges and information needs of children and young adults in Lesotho: lessons from an internet-connected hybrid library
  3. BALOCK NEE NGO KOBHIO, Louise Lutéine Les adolescents et la lecture à Yaoundé : contribution à la mise en œuvre d’une politique de développement de la lecture
  4. HAYNES, Jill SEEN and HEARD: Challenging the perceptions of children in libraries in sub-Saharan Africa
  5. HUGUES, Laurence and RAZAFINTSALAMA, Marie Michèle What “new” book donation practices can meet the needs of young African readers in libraries?
  6. KINYANJUI, Mary ‘Kids on the Tab’: Kenya National Library Service’s tablet computers project for slum school children
  7. LALLEMENT, Eliane and DEVILLERS, Marie Josèphe 25 ans au service de la lecture jeunesse au Sénégal - retour sur l’expérience de lire en Afrique
  8. NYBERG, Ritva and HAYES, Margaretha Greenwell Matongo Community Library as Learning Environment for Children: Broadening Learning Environment and Providing Learning Support
  9. SONON, Sewlan Stéphane L’expérience des mini-bibliothèques de la Fondation Zinsou dans la promotion de la lecture des jeunes à Cotonou (Bénin)
  10. TAMAKLOE, Alikem Innovative Mobile Library Brings Rural School Children ICT and New Educational Opportunities

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