Audiovisual Poem, a New Form of Library Promotion

XU, Zuming (2019) Audiovisual Poem, a New Form of Library Promotion. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2019 - Athens, Greece - Libraries: dialogue for change in Session 113c - IFLA Poster Session.

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Audiovisual Poem, a New Form of Library Promotion

In China, Hangzhou is known as paradise on earth. Its beauty inspired poets to create many famous lines. The poem has been a popular local form of self-expression since ancient times. 2018 is sixty anniversary of establishment of Hangzhou Public Library. A reader, poet as well, wrote a poem as the library’s birthday gift. Librarians recited, recorded and put it on the social media, which won warm response and attracted tremendous attention from society. In traditional Chinese culture, the birthday of sixty years is called a Jiazi, which regarded as a reincarnation and a new beginning of a journey. The poem written by a reader is a precious and special birthday gift, embodying the beauty of Chinese literature. What’s more, the process of making a poem audiovisual by librarians injected it into new life. The library used the new social media to publish this collaboration and achieved a comprehensive promotional effect. A poem is disseminated by reading it out. Reading a poem arouses the audiences' sense of hearing and deepens their impression of the content. Instead of clichés of birthday blessing, the poetry embodies strong personal emotion and the beauty of Chinese literature. Instead of traditional form of self-expression, the audiovisual technique and social media enhanced the effect of publicity, promotion and the aesthetic feeling as well.

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