The Podlasie Librarians' Forum - years of integration and dialogue

KEPKO, Joanna and WITKOWSKA, Ewa (2019) The Podlasie Librarians' Forum - years of integration and dialogue. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2019 - Athens, Greece - Libraries: dialogue for change in Session 113c - IFLA Poster Session.

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The Podlasie Librarians' Forum - years of integration and dialogue

In Poland, staff members of different types of libraries, as well as researchers usually function in different worlds. It is caused by dissimilar tasks, sources of financing, and requirements that each group should meet, etc. In order to change this situation, in 2006 the Jerzy Giedroyc University Library in Bialystok started to organise regular meetings open for everybody. Called the Podlasie Librarians' Forum, they aimed to be a platform for cooperation and exchange of views. Since then, the formula of the event has been constantly developing. Meetings, held several times a year and organized by various libraries of Bialystok, raise questions and problems related to the daily work of librarians. Not only invited librarianship theorists, but also practitioners share their knowledge, present interesting initiatives or ready-made solutions. Lectures are always followed by a discussion which enable to share opinions and give advices. The poster is accompanied by a two-person boardgame aiming to familirize players with the Podlasie Librarians' Forum series.

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