Smart partnership

NAIMI, Kamil, YUSOFF, Hafiz and JOHARI, Hafiz (2019) Smart partnership. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2019 - Athens, Greece - Libraries: dialogue for change in Session 113c - IFLA Poster Session.

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Smart partnership

Smart partnership programs with various government agencies including NGOs in Kelantan. This approach brings many advantages to libraries that serve as agents of knowledge dissemination. The cost savings are very significant if various agencies are able to provide various contributions in any forms. As a knowledge dispatching agent, libraries are able to spread something that previously few did not know and then promote libraries and other agencies such as kill a bird with two stones. The idea from various agencies makes the program more successful and qualities from various angles. This program appears to be easier, but emphasis should be placed on neat management and planning before conducting activities. By using this program, almost 50% cost can be save by requesting any donation from agencies such as Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Royal Malaysia Police and others. Furthermore, any blue chips companies, supermarkets are also welcoming to give any various type of donation to complete programs. This program could be high potential to overcome the lack of money and achieve goals. The hope of the library is to become a distributor for information by connecting them together. As a conclusion, smart partnership program is very helpful to the community in linking new information.

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