Let’s Get Crafty in Makerspace at the East-Kazakhstan Regional Public Library!

SHINGALIYEVA, Saule and SHAGIYEVA, Bibigul (2019) Let’s Get Crafty in Makerspace at the East-Kazakhstan Regional Public Library!. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2019 - Athens, Greece - Libraries: dialogue for change in Session 113c - IFLA Poster Session.

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Let’s Get Crafty in Makerspace at the East-Kazakhstan Regional Public Library!

To emphasize community need Makerspace includes learning of 3 D designing, modelling and creating skills, librarians created Makerspace in the library for people’s life improvement. The Makerspace project idea is joined to the American Corner of the East Kazakhstan Regional Public Library to a popular in the USA Maker Movement in order to support creative activity of children and youth in different areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering. Art and Math). Project goal: In the library is created Makerspace platform – special space for youth, equipped with 3 D technologies, where access to learning and training is provided free of charge. Makerspace is mentioned as a creative workshop for experiments, creativity work and innovation learning in the exact sciences field, contributing to science education, technical knowledge and cognitive-entertaining leisure of children and youth. Goal: to teach the use of 3D modelling innovative skills for successful increasing professional skills. Target group: Teenagers ages 14 years, youth - students of primary and secondary professional education, students and youth up to 28 years. This target group is a great potential. As thanks to energy and excitement of people both in the literal and figurative sense, can move mountains. In science a lot of discoveries were done by young scientists. They are free from stereotypes, fear of impossible, they are assertive and ambitious. They have strength and great opportunities to realize their talents. As a result, young people receive a special Makerspace platform where learning 3 D new technologies. Project participants use 3 D technologies confidently for solving daily problems. Local community learns for the experience and uses 3 D technologies for solving successful competitiveness issues for changing quality of their life. Goals: 1. Organized comfortable, convenient space, equipped with modern equipment and software. 2. We assist in expansion of polytechnic youth horizons. Conduct real and online meetings with local and foreign scholars. Sharing experience what does humanity do for Makerspace. Familiarize with modern technologies. Creating ideas. 3. We promote the development of handmade work and designing abilities of young people. Involve trainers who have life possession and professional experience, care and organizational skills. 4. We assist in formation of working skills with different materials and tools (video materials, trainings, workshops). 5.We arrange intellectual, comfortable, safe leisure of youth in the library based on diverse thematic programs. Creative Workshop «Makerspace» is mentioned as a creative platform for youth, talented and ambitious, the place of intellectual leisure, collective and individual creating. Here is possible to spend useful time. Completely reveal themselves, find new understanding friends and even bring to life their ideas and plans. Through creativity and feeling, we want to direct our youth into opposite side from extremist movements, crime, drug and alcohol use. Encourage youth don’t "burn" and "shirk" their lives, but to develop, to grow, to improve.

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