MSSRF’s Sustainable Green Library to Achieve SDG 7

AMIRTHALINGAM, Janakiraman (2019) MSSRF’s Sustainable Green Library to Achieve SDG 7. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2019 - Athens, Greece - Libraries: dialogue for change in Session 113c - IFLA Poster Session.

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MSSRF’s Sustainable Green Library to Achieve SDG 7

The eco-friendly library or sustainable library is a new idea and it is acquiring well liked among the librarians. The paper manifest the conditions of environment, their effects on society and impact of leading organizations towards an green earth, improved standards for the advancement, eco-friendly India, green library, features of eco-friendly library, Initiatives in India. It is also give an overview of green library and role of modern librarian to make eco-friendly library. Furthermore the paper focus the importance of green library in ongoing era and green library initiatives in Indi through solar based energy system in library, the M S Swaminathan research Foundation Library has been trying to make a successful green library with the support of Tata Trusts, India. This paper describes the Innovation of using solar panel to generate energy to run the library in an eco friendly way. This model can fulfil the SDG goal no- 7 under the United Nation that ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all. MSSRF library plan to create a solar based energy system for library alone. Creating solar based energy and providing to MSSRF library. The Step by step method can obtain and creates the successful green library as a model. The new innovative system for using solar energy in a modern way, that is use of permanent magnet brushless DC or synchronous motors with increased efficiency. MSSRF Library consists all electrical devices such as, air conditioning, lights and fans, all this devices are working with solar energy as far as possible. In case the solar power is not sufficient due to bad light, it will use the available power and the balance is taken from the AC mains and in case of total absence of solar power, the appliances will run automatically from AC mains.

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