Libraries with Minds and Souls (Complexity vs Artificial Intelligence vs Library Science?)

GULICIUC, Viorel, MONTANO, Carlos E., DREVE, Roxana-Ema and MIRON, Valeria-Alina (2017) Libraries with Minds and Souls (Complexity vs Artificial Intelligence vs Library Science?). Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2017 – Wrocław, Poland – Libraries. Solidarity. Society. in Session S17 - Satellite Meeting: Latin America and the Caribbean Section. In: Libraries and the 2030 Agenda: Prospective Information and Forthcoming Society?, 15-16 August 2017, Timisoara, Romania.

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Libraries with Minds and Souls (Complexity vs Artificial Intelligence vs Library Science?)

Almost all the librarians observed (or should have) something essential, for the very identity of the libraries, librarianship and LIS, tis happening in the Digital Age under the Social Networking: the arrival of the Artificial Intelligence. This event is more than observing that LIS is a complex, trans-disciplinary (not just multi- or inter- disciplinary) field of study and practice. It is more than claiming that “libraries are at a turning point”, because “the way we access and consume information has changed dramatically”, under the advent of new technologies. It is even more than making a prophecy: to survive in the digital age and firmly stay relevant, “libraries need to be brave and innovative” and “must embrace both the physical and virtual” (British Council). It is about answering the question: “Why do we need libraries in the Networked Digital Age?” We are dealing with the increasing infusion of / merging with, the Artificial Minds in our very way of living and being as Humans. Those non-human artifacted minds are learning from, with and for us how we are accessing, using and sharing the information, in our profound need of sense and order under the Information and Programming Turn we have to deal with. Libraries are the perfect playground for such an existential game. When an Artificial Mind / Artificial Intelligence is interacting and learning from, with and for the Human Minds, it is about a network of Minds / Intelligences working, under the Collective Wisdom, with and for the Human Souls for a better world. This is a new confirmation of the truth that “Libraries are forever” means “Humankind is forever in the librarianship”.

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