From 70 to 10,000:"Book" Online and "Pick Up" at Convenience Store

HORNG, Shih-chang (2017) From 70 to 10,000:"Book" Online and "Pick Up" at Convenience Store. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2017 – Wrocław, Poland – Libraries. Solidarity. Society. in Session 112 - Poster Sessions.

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From 70 to 10,000:"Book" Online and "Pick Up" at Convenience Store

Taiwan has a higher density of convenience stores than anywhere in the world. Taking advantage of this situation, in 2015 Taipei Public Library (TPL) began allowing readers to return books at convenience stores and, in 2016, allowed books to be borrowed at the stores, adding value to the existing service so that convenience stores island-wide serve as libraries. TPL has an extensive collection, its 7.68 million books more than any other library in Taiwan. Through forming of a cross-industry alliance with convenience store operators, the number of service locations involved in the book loan and return scheme has been increased from 70 to almost 10,000, and a 24/7 all year round service is provided. After applying for a TPL library card, readers can reserve books online and pick them up at a convenience store of their choice after being notified by text message or email, having to pay just an inexpensive delivery fee. They can also return books at the convenience store. By making the book borrowing and return process more convenient, the reading population can be increased, library resources are shared and knowledge spread all around.

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