Experts Explain – Connecting Global Experts in Uncertain Times

ENGLISH, Brad (2016) Experts Explain – Connecting Global Experts in Uncertain Times. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2016 – Columbus, OH – Connections. Collaboration. Community in Session S04 - Satellite Meeting: Knowledge Management. In: Sharing practices & actions for making best use of organizational knowledge in libraries, 12 August 2016, Cincinnati, OH, USA.

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Experts Explain – Connecting Global Experts in Uncertain Times

Since 2014, FMC Technologies has been conducting a series of internal webinars titled "Experts Explain". The purpose of the program is to capture the knowledge of our subject matter experts through a facilitated session where the SME delivers a 20 minute overview of their area expertise, providing insight into their role in the organization, and taking questions from the attendees. Each session is recorded and posted on the corporate wiki, where viewership increases 4-5 fold. Additionally, discussions are opened in our internal communities of practice where the experts can engage outside of the session and continue to answer questions. While initially focusing on the engineering and technical fields (approximately 4,000 employees globally), speakers have been expanding to include other parts of the organization including talent management, intellectual property, and senior leadership. It has proved to be a fantastic avenue to highlight often “niche” experts in our company and connect individuals who would otherwise find it very difficult to connect. The Experts Explain series has been a standout example in our knowledge management group. So much so, it has inspired a similar internal webinar series named “GradTalks” wherein new university graduates in the engineering rotational program get to hear from other program members from all over the world. The program truly embraces all aspects of knowledge management and is making a true impact in the company. Our best practices include: • How to structure a consistent, repeatable facilitated knowledge sharing event online • Recruiting internal experts with knowledge of interest to the organization • Capturing and sharing the content internally after event completion • Encouraging continued discussion through communities of practice

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