Sámi bibliografiija – Sami bibliography

MATHISEN, Kari and GASKI, Siri Katrine (2017) Sámi bibliografiija – Sami bibliography. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2017 – Wrocław, Poland – Libraries. Solidarity. Society. in Session 98 - Bibliography and Subject Analysis.

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Sámi bibliografiija – Sami bibliography

The Sami bibliography is a joint project between the National library of Norway, the Sami special library at the Rovaniemi City Library in Finland, the Murmansk State Regional Universal Scientific Library, and Ájtte, Swedish Mountain- and Sami museum. It was launched on the Sami National Day on the 6th of February 2017. BIBSYS, an institution under the Ministry of Education and Research in Norway, is responsible for harvesting the data and the dissemination of the bibliography in the discovery system Oria (made by Ex Libris): http://sapmi.oria.no. In 2011 the Ministry of Culture in Norway instructed the National Library of Norway to be responsible for realizing the bibliography. Only the four bibliographies together from Finland, Norway, Russia and Sweden, can display the wholeness of Sami literature. Sami bibliography is the sum of all the four bibliographies, but you might also choose to search in one particular. The bibliographies vary when it comes to volume and selection criteria. They reflect more diversity than homogeneity in the ways they are produced. The joint Sami bibliography is a resource to the indigenous people in Sapmi and is of great importance as it can be seen as a carrier of the Sami heritage beyond borders. Every country and institution produces their own bibliography as usual, but the records are exported regularly to the discovery system. Much material in the bibliography is in other languages than Sami. The literature is spread all over the Dewey Classification system and is difficult to get hold of. Finally, we have now an entrance to everything written about Sami relations regardless of publishing country up North.

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