New model of library marketing for farmers and promotional creativity in action

TANASIJEVIĆ, Suzana (2013) New model of library marketing for farmers and promotional creativity in action. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2013 - Singapore - Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities in Session 86 - Management and Marketing.

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New model of library marketing for farmers and promotional creativity in action

This paper speaks of an innovative idea of AgroLib-Ja project (Agricultural Library in Jagodina, Serbia) and solving the problems of the people in the local community. Innovativeness of the idea refers to the recognition and solving the problems of farmers and improving their economic, social and cultural status through education and use of ICT in the revitalized network of rural libraries. Rural libraries were given a new role in society. They have become information centers in their local communities, the seats of the cultural and social life of the rural population, the catalysts of economic changes. The Public Library “Radislav Nikcevic” using the explicit knowledge and the results of the research on the identification of needs of farmers in Jagodina villages within the project of AgroLib-Ja made a good platform for the implementation of a new marketing model of farmers in their cultural practices. A key role in achieving good project results played an implicit knowledge of project team members. A marketing strategy has been created that includes: • creating and launching a website for AgroLib and an online market for farmers, • extensive and creative marketing through mass media, (print, TV and electronic media), • making promotional films, posters, brochures, labels, flyers, • making and distribution of business cards to farmers, • social networks, forums and blogs for the purposes of promotion and free advertising of farmers, • knowledge and useful information of the project partners in order to improve the competitiveness of farmers, • promotion project AgroLib-Ja at professional conferences at home and abroad. This kind of marketing strategy has improved the competitiveness of farmers – users of AgroLib-Ja service. The aim of this paper is to present that with modest financial resources for the project marketing and with great creative energy, enthusiasm and outreach activities that directly benefit the residents, the Jagodina Public Library actively offers unique services that provide great economic opportunities for farmers. By mobilization of the project partners, activation of local governments on action and animation of farmers to actively participate in the project, it allows broader perspective to maintain the project of AgroLib-Ja. The project is carried out for three years and received an have award from the Serbian Ministry of Culture and two international NGOs, EIFL and Beyond Access.

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