Born digital news collections: New formats, new approaches

VILLANUEVA, Elisa and FAASE, Jasper (2016) Born digital news collections: New formats, new approaches. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2016 – Columbus, OH – Connections. Collaboration. Community in Session 90 - Information Technology, Preservation and Conservation and News Media.

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Born digital news collections: New formats, new approaches

Nowadays most newspapers (or almost all of them) have a digital version or are definitely turning to digital. Furthermore, there are many news websites which provide news content. Additionally, with the rise of Web 2.0 many websites are based on user generated content, and others are almost built on the user’s posts and comments as their main sources. Most of the libraries face challenges collecting, preserving ‘born digital’ news and newspapers which puts this part of our cultural heritage at risk. .The aim of this paper will be to present a desktop research into the approach other libraries or cultural heritage institutions took (or are taking) during the creation of their born digital news collection, and then conclude with some considerations regarding which could be the best practices and the main aspects to take into account.

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