My tree house - World's 1st green library for kids

SOH, Lin Li and LO, Wan Ni (2013) My tree house - World's 1st green library for kids. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2013 - Singapore - Future Libraries: Infinite Possibilities in Session 115B - Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group.

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My tree house - World's 1st green library for kids

The National Library Board, Singapore (NLB) and City Developments Limited (CDL) unveiled the World’s 1st Green Library for Kids named “My Tree House” on 31 May 2013. This green library is housed at the Central Public Library (CTPL) located within the National Library Building in Singapore. It is steered by green principles in all facets from design, infrastructure and use of sustainable materials, to collections and programming. “My Tree House” is a unique green library purposefully conceptualised, constructed and operated with environmental sustainability in mind. CDL provided green expertise from its experience of developing eco-friendly properties and integrated sustainable practices to create a green prototype library for kids. The library was designed to create an enchanted forest ambience with fun spaces for hands-on learning and reflections. “My Tree House” takes its name after the centrepiece which is a tree house structure constructed with recyclable materials. It is to evoke the feeling of a special place for children as featured in story books. The components comprise, but are not limited to, aluminium cans, plastic bottles and some fibreglass. Low VOC (which stands for Low Volatile Compound) paints and adhesives were used on the walls; and the manufactured carpet tiles are greenhousegas-free, containing up to 70 percent recyclable materials with no glue required for installation. Eenergy-efficient LED lighting, which enhances user comfort with less overhead glare, requires less maintenance and has a greener manufacturing process, is used throughout the library. The library is now home to 45,000 books. Existing bookshelves were re-used and revamped by adding some exciting forms and features using boards, also recyclable. About 30 percent of these books focus on green topics such as animals, plants, nature, water resources, environment and climate change. NLB has also worked with other public agencies in developing the library’s collection and using the library for environmental education and outreach. A wide range of tailored activities like games, storytelling and craft-making to spur interest in children ages 4 to 12 are available.

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