End-to-end management of audiovisual and multimedia content and services - the NLB experience

KIA, Siang Hock, CHAN, Adrian, PAK, Peter and PHANG, Jsper (2015) End-to-end management of audiovisual and multimedia content and services - the NLB experience. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2015 - Cape Town, South Africa in Session 197 - Audiovisual and Multimedia with Acquisition and Collection Development.

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End-to-end management of audiovisual and multimedia content and services - the NLB experience

The National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) manages the National Library, the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) and the Public Libraries in Singapore. It holds a comprehensive collection of valuable Singapore content, including over 4,200 oral history interview recordings, 17,000 music tracks/scores/lyrics and 136,000 audiovisual and sound recordings. The Sound and Moving Image Laboratory (SMIL) of NAS conserves, digitises and preserves audiovisual recordings for NLB. SMIL recently embarked on a major technology refresh. The capacity for off-air recording of public service broadcasts (such as news, current affairs and documentaries) has been significantly increased. It is also able to capture these recordings in HD, a critical new capability as Singapore will be going full HD by 2016. An automated file-based quality control (QC) system has also been implemented to meet compliance to formats and content quality requirements. A media asset management (MAM) system manages the workflow and other tasks such as transcoding and reproduction. NLB has rolled out several innovative services for its audiovisual and multimedia collections. MusicSG is a digital archive set up to digitise, archive and provide access to all forms of published Singapore musical works. It assembles a collection of music composed or published by Singaporeans, music produced or published in Singapore, and music related to Singapore. The Oral History Centre of NAS has been collecting stories, and building up Singapore’s treasure trove of memories. The Centre has been aggressively making available, where permission allows, the full interviews online at Archives Online, pushing out close to 600 hours every month since March 2014. It has also leveraged on advancement in voice-to-text and text mining technologies to greatly enhance the search and discover experience of the users. The Audio-Visual Archives of NAS is also working to make full recordings available on Archives Online, starting with English and Mandarin TV and radio news. Full clips are available onsite while partial clips are available online. A common media streaming system delivers the audio-visual content for these online services. The streaming system is platform-agnostic, multi-format and device-aware. It also comes with security options to provide the necessary protection of the multi-media content. To support the entire life-cycle of the wide ranging audiovisual and multimedia content within NLB, a comprehensive, agile and cost-effective information technology (IT) architecture has been put in place. This architecture enables NLB to continue to innovate in the management and delivery of the rich and unique Singapore content to the users anytime, anywhere on any device.

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