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Session 170 - Libraries: A Call to Action/Best practices in moving collections from the view of preservation and conservation - Preservation and Conservation with Rare Books and Special Collections

Tuesday 22 August 2017

  1. MILNE, Caroline and HENNESSEY, Belinda Boxing Clever: Relocating the National Archives of Australia
  2. HATCHER, Rebecca and SCIARINI, Natalia To Close, or Not to Close – that is the Question
  3. GKINNI, Zoitsa, TSAROUCHA, Christina and SARRIS, Nikolas The National Library of Greece: moving into a new era
  4. DRIJFHOUT, Douwe On the move from Pretoria to Cape Town: case studies at the National Library of South Africa
  5. NELSON, Miriam, MATHUEWS, Katy, INTRATOR, Miriam and DEBORDE, Damon Leveraging Preservation Practices During Large Scale Relocation and De-duplication

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