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Session 90 - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Current State of Born Digital News - Information Technology, Preservation and Conservation and News Media

Monday 15 August 2016 09:00 - 16:45 | Room: Ohio History Connect/ Ohio Historical Society, 800 E 17th Ave, Columbus

Description: Offsite

  1. DHAKAL, Prabin Babu and PAUDYAL, Kabita News Media initiative to developing digital repository from public contribution: A case of SDPL Nepal
  2. KASUSSE, Michael and NJOKU, Ifeoma Stella and BOATENG, Agyemang Badu and MWAKYAGI, Anitha Jackson Large-Scale digital preservation initiatives and collaborations as a strategy for addressing technology obsolescence in preservation of Africana digital news content
  3. KRAHMER, Ana and PHILLIPS, Mark Edward Communicating Organizational Commitment to Long-Term Sustainability through a Trusted Digital Repository Self-Audit
  4. AL-JABRI, Saif and AL-BADI, Waleed Preserving Digital Published News in Arabic at Time of Conflicts: Libyan and Syrian Conflicts as Examples
  5. TALKE, Armin Online news and privacy: Are online news archives affected by a “right to be forgotten”?
  6. KARPPINEN, Pirjo and KAUKONEN, Minna and PÄÄKKÖNEN, Tuula and SORJONEN, Maria Contracts Enabling Collaboration of The National Library of Finland with Media Houses in Electronic Deposit
  7. REILLY, JR., Bernard F. Breaking the Mold: How Digital News Production Changes the Preservation Paradigm
  8. SALAMON, Jennifer Born-Digital News in Ohio: What Is (and Isn’t) Happening
  9. VILLANUEVA, Elisa and FAASE, Jasper Born digital news collections: New formats, new approaches
  10. JOHNSON, Eric and REESE, Greg and OFFENBURGER, Andrew Source Notes: developing a news storage and research system
  11. CONDILL, Kit Magnetic Needles, Burning Haystacks: Web-Archiving a Multiethnic Conflict Zone in Russia's North Caucasus

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