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Session S02 - Taking charge of your LIS Career: Personal Strategies, Institutional Programs, Strong Libraries - Satellite Meeting: Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Description: 2015 Satellite Meeting

  1. WALKER, Clare M. Foreword
  2. WALKER, Clare M. The power of one: circumspice! The 2015 Elizabeth Stone Memorial Lecture and Keynote Address
  3. DIKE, Virginia W., OSADEBE, Ngozi E. and BABARINDE, Elizabeth T. Competencies Required By Teacher Librarians For Stronger Primary School Libraries In Enugu State Of Nigeria
  4. ANUNOBI, Chinwe Veronica, UKWOMA, Scholastica C. and IWUNDU, Nkiruka, E. Impact And Challenges Of Commonwealth Scholarship, Mortenson Center For International Library Program, Galilee International Management Institute And Carnegie Continuing Professional Development Programmes On Beneficiaries: The Nigerian Participants’ Experience
  5. FORSBERG, Åsa, OHLSSON, Maria and SMITH, Christel Sharpening The Infodesk Toolbox: Peer Learning Through Flexible Modules To Ensure Sustainability In Professional Development
  6. GEORGY, Ursula Training Course: Certified Specialist in Innovation Management
  7. HARDY, Nazeem and HASTINGS, Jenny Developing a Culture of Reading Among Public Library Staff
  8. KANDIUK, Mary Building Success in Research and Scholarship Through Peer Mentoring
  9. PUN, Raymond Becoming the entrepreneur librarian: building skills, networks and experiences abroad
  10. SPUTORE, Alissa, HUMPHRIES, Philomena and STEINER, Nola Strength through partnering: new professional development opportunities in academic libraries
  11. STENSON, Linnéa and FORSBERG, Åsa Developing a virtual reference service based on team development and collaborative learning
  12. WOOLLS, Blanche Planning Your Personal Development
  13. BOLT, Nancy Taking Charge Of Your LIS Career: The Library Support Staff Certification Program Of The American Library Association
  14. LANG, Ulrike Being a mentor
  15. GLASS, Valérie Being a School Librarian in France: How to Take Advantage of Peer Networking for Professional Development
  16. VARLEJS, Jana Shape your career - design your professional development plan: rationale and workshop template
  17. WOOLLS, Blanche Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning: Past to Future

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